Royal Palm Turkeys – our new addition (again)
The word “again” is there because we had some of these birds several years ago. We got them as chicks, raised them, and had hoped to have them hatch their own eggs and raise babies for us so we could have our own home-raised turkey dinners. It didn’t go terribly well for us. After a short time we just had the tom left, whom was then eaten by a coyote.

But, my friend and neighbor at www.edensharvestfarm.com had been raising them and this year they had a “bumper crop” and extended the offer to buy a tom and some hens. So last night, in the drizzle, Keith and I moved our west-side chickens over to the East Side, cleaned out the building and put in fresh hay. Then we drove over to Tom and Janet’s and helped collect 6 hens and 1 tom, put them in some dog crates, visited for a while, then drove them to their new home. They weren’t terribly happy with the arrangement, but this morning, I think they are settling in nicely – despite the rain.

Hopefully next year they’ll do a good job raising us some young turkeys and we’ll again have home-grown for Thanksgiving dinner!


  1. Good to hear the Thanksgiving dinner won’t consist of “fresh” turkey meat. Next year we spend Thanksgiving woith you all :)

      • I know, I was telling Jim that I would love to get some fresh meat one time, like beef. The veggies we grow taste so awesome, which we already know!