Triplets for Daisy!

I was starting to think that I’d miscalculated Daisy’s due date, and I may have been off by a couple of days – but this morning we were greeted by 3 newborn kids in Daisy’s pen!  There are 2 little boys and 1 girl.  One of them was very wet still, so we just missed the birth by probably a few minutes.  We helped dry him off, as well as one of the others that was still damp.

These kids are a little bit taller than Petunia’s kids are –  they have long little legs.  Petunia’s kids are mostly solid-colored.  The brown ones have a white stripe that goes partly around the body near their shoulders – similar to Petunia, but hers goes around all the way.  Daisy is brown with white splotches and spots.  So is Sage, their father.  Not surprisingly – all her kids are brown with white splotches and spots.  Telling them apart is going to be a little tricky.  Thankfully, last year we bought some temporary write-on collars for all the kids we thought we’d have.  We never needed them, though.  There were only 4 kids that were different enough in looks and age that we didn’t confuse them.  This year it looks like we’re definitely going to need them!  These two pictures are of two different kids – but you can’t tell by just their heads.  And Lily is so huge I’m guessing she’s also having triplets, and I think her babies will look very similar to Daisy’s.  We’re going to need a little help to identify them all for a while!