The Store is UP!

2012 soap sale_opt

After over a year of having our farm website up, we’ve finally gotten the online store up and running!  I still need to add some products, but all the soap is there, as well as the Herbal Salve.  We are able to take payment through Pay Pal with either your paypal account or a credit card.

We’re still working on the details of how this actually works.  Like HOW do we know an order has been placed???  And we’re not sure if the site keeps track of how many items are still available – it’s set with the inventory of each item, but I don’t know if it keeps track and won’t let someone buy something if it’s all been ordered by someone else, or if I need to do the counting and remove it from the list.  I guess we’ll find out.

We’ve discovered that even the “for dummies” book on how to do this stuff isn’t dumbed down quite enough for those of us who haven’t a clue how building a website works.  It assumes basic knowledge we just don’t have.  Yet.  We’re learning!  All that to say, please be patient with us as we embark on this journey.  It might be a little bumpy.  But you can always send an email or message through our facebook page if you haven any questions :)