Stuffed Acorn Squash

Dinner from the Farm (mostly)

One of the fun things about growing and raising your own food is then making a meal of it and sitting down at the table saying, “We GREW this ourselves!”

Our garden was pretty pathetic this year, but one thing we got a lot of early on was acorn squash.  We got 9 at one time!  In July!  We thought there’d be a lot more, but then the rain stopped and the heat got to them, as well as bugs, and that was it.  So we thought.  Just last week as I was leaving the house I noticed 3 more through all the dead squash vines!

Stuffed Acorn Squash

I enjoy acorn squash just with butter and brown sugar, but last year I did a search online for some other recipes and found one that most of us like.  The littlest kids still don’t care for the squash part, but they’ll eat the stuffing.  And the fun thing is it’s something we can prepare – mostly – with things from our garden.  And goats.

Basically it’s a meatloaf, stuffed into the cut, de-gutted, squash and baked.  EASY!  The meat is bulk breakfast sausage, then there are onions, a chopped apple, an egg, bread crumbs, some extra sage, salt, pepper.  This summer we butchered the two young bucks that were born here last year.  One of them bred with Petunia over the winter.  We didn’t like the idea of stinky bucks hanging around, and didn’t have the space to move them away from the does so the milk doesn’t taste funny, so when they started to get “bucky” smelling, we butchered them.  Some of the big pieces of meat stayed large for stew meat, but the rest we ground up.  Some we left just plain, some we seasoned for Italian sausage and some was seasoned for breakfast sausage.  The egg came from our hens, the onion from our garden, as well as the squash.  The apple came free from another farm that had extras.  The sage could have been ours, but I don’t have any right now.  And I can’t grow salt, nor do I have a salt mine nearby :)  I’m not sure where black pepper comes from….  Anyway – this ended up being a very cheap, easy meal that fed the 5 of us that were here for the meal, and had enough leftover for my husband to take to work the next day.  That felt good!