Soap making

Making soap for a local farm

My friend, Deborah, of Antiquity Oaks, has been rather busy this year. She wrote a book that was just recently released and is in the process of writing another. That added to the chores around her farm (which is significantly larger than mine), has left her a little pressed for time. Two weeks ago I visited her so I could buy a copy of her book, Homegrown & Handmade. While I was there she mentioned that she’s been making soap for a local farm for a while, but hasn’t been able to keep up with their needs. Would I, possibly, be willing to take that job for them, if they were willing to have me do it? That was an easy “yes”! She contacted them, they said, “yes”, she gave me the recipe she made for their soap, the milk from the farm she had frozen, I got several other questions asked, took inventory of what I had on-hand and ordered what I needed.

Yesterday I was very excited when UPS arrived with the oils I ordered. This morning I made the first 2 batches: lavender and peppermint. I’ll be making 2 batches a day for the next 2 days, then just one more and at the end of the month, I’ll be able to deliver the cured soap to the Kilgus Farmstead in Fairbury, IL, where they’ll sell it under their own label, in their little farm store. The soap is made with the milk from their cows, and they request that only essential oils be used for the scents. They also sell milk, ice cream and yogurt, among a few other things, I hear. (I haven’t been there yet, but look forward to being there in a few weeks.) Their website is:

Deborah also has a website, blog, facebook page, etc. To check out what she’s up to go to