Pig Injury

Chocolate’s hurt foot
This morning when we went out to feed the animals, Keith noticed that one of Chocolate’s rear feet was bleeding. The strange thing is that it is the toe or hoof – the part that we thought was just solid and bone-like. (I’d always wondered how you could eat pig feet…) It looks as if part of the outer “skin” was scraped off. We were totally puzzled as to how she managed that. Then I opened the window to pour in her feed and when I looked around, I saw that there was blood on the bottom of the wall that divides the building in half. She has one half, Peppermint Patty has the other. Now I knew what happened.

Keith used a piece of corrugated metal we had extra from another project, as well as a piece of fencing, to make the divider. When he put it in, it was level with the ground. Well, pigs like to dig, and some of the dirt was moved aside leaving the sharp bottom edge exposed. Apparently she’d been laying there and her food went under the divider and when she pulled it out, it scraped some of the outer layer of her hoof off. Ouch :(

Keith went and got the purple disinfectant spray we’d bought in the spring to spray on goat heads after disbudding to prevent infection. I offered her a piece of pumpkin so she’d turn sideways so he could get near the food and spray it. Then after feeding everyone and milking the goats, I spread some clean hay in her pen so she wasn’t walking in so much mud. Because, of course, it has to rain just before these things occur. And now Keith will have to figure out how to fix that divider so this doesn’t happen again. There’s always something….