Onion Update (and other miscellaneous thoughts)

For the past couple of weeks we’ve watched our little onions grow with excitement!  This first picture is them after about 10 days.  At that point, I think I counted around 40 teeny-tiny onions.  The second picture was taken a couple of days ago.  There are some more – maybe a dozen more.  I didn’t count.  They are about 4″ tall, and according to the directions I have, when they are 8″ tall, I need to cut them down – back to about 3″ or 4″ high.  Hopefully, soon after that, we should be able to transplant them into the garden.


Just some various thoughts.  I’m wondering what to give up and what to keep.  In a few areas.  First is stuff.  Some stuff is going to have to go.  The house is crowded and we need to get rid of some of it.  In the next few months I see a purging taking place.  I might post more on that later.  But, more important is time.  Time is at a premium these days.  Since it’s winter, homeschooling is a little easier to do, since there are fewer outside things to do.  Animal chores can take as little as 10 minutes, when everyone is helping.  But that will change in about a months – when 3 of the goats are due to kid and then milking starts.  Then a month or so after that things will pick up in the gardening department. By then the chickens should be laying eggs back near full production.

But for now I have to keep these onions watered, with the warm weather I’m hearing I need to open my beehive and make sure they have food.  Dishes never seem to get completely done, not to mention laundry.  We get it washed ok – putting it away is the issue.  There’s just all the normal mom things.  I have five children I’m still responsible for all day along with their education and general training, and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day.  I’m sure all the moms out there can relate.  I’m also addicted to learning all I can about homesteading, gardening, farming, etc.  Keith recently ordered two new books I’ve taken a few looks at, we’ve received a couple of free magazines I’ve browsed through, and I’ve been made aware of a new website that has tons of blogs on all sorts of subjects relating to small farming, homesteading, gardening, etc., that I’ve joined.  I take some time each day to check it out.  Farm-dreams.com.  Fun stuff!  And through one of those posts, tonight I found flashweb.com, which is a site for a family farm in Vermont and what I’ve read so far has been great.  Then there’s email and facebook and normal interruptions of life, like grocery shopping, phone calls, mail, visiting with friends, 4-H, doctor appointments, and on and on.

I’m learning that I can’t spend all day learning, AND teaching, AND farming…   I go through this every few years till I’m at my wit’s end.  Then I purge some things, relax a little, and then slowly over time I do a little more.  And a little more.  And a little more, till I find myself back in the same spot again.  A little older, with slightly different activities, but basically in the same place.  I’m only one person with only one life to live.  Sometimes I wish I had a clone.  But, since that’s not an option I need to get my younger kids helping out a little more with the easier tasks to free up more of my time to do the stuff only I can do.  But, still – some things are going to have to go – or at least be reduced in scope – or delayed – or delegated.  This is going to be tough.