Lily’s Quads and an update on Daisy

Yes – it’s quadruplets for Lily this year!  She was SO huge, I knew she was having triplets, but she surprised us with four!  And, on top of that, they are all does!  So this year we’ve had 10 kids born – 8 does and 2 bucks.  Great numbers!  I’m SO glad we had our new barn put up last year.  Seventeen goats would NEVER have fit in that 8′ x 12′ shed.

They are doing excellent so far.  Lily does have a runt that doesn’t seem to be nursing on her own, so twice a day I’m putting Lily on the milk stand and put the runt up there to nurse.  The others also seem to be favoring one teat over the other, so I put that baby on the fuller side and when she’s done I pick another kid that seems to be hungry and let it finish draining that side.

Daisy is getting better and is almost herself again.  I would not have been surprised to find her dead on Thursday morning, but she was a little better.  Still weak, but was eating a tiny bit.  Today was day 4 of antibiotics and she’s eating like normal and this morning I got 2 cups of milk out of her, which is double what I got 2 days ago.  Hopefully, she’ll get up to full production in another couple of days.  I’m feeding her kids a mixture of her milk and milk replacer.  I hope they will start nursing, though I doubt they will.  So for 8 weeks we’ll be bottle-feeding them.

All 10 kids are very friendly and my children are having a blast with them.  They are friendly and will let us hold them.  They are starting to leap and prance around, which is hilarious to watch.  I’ll try to get a video soon and post that.  For now, we just have regular photos, which are getting increasingly difficult to get since they are always moving!