The Farm Crawl is fast approaching and my website is still not right.  I can’t seem to get the slideshow on the home page to work at all.  Sometimes it seems ok, other times I lose the picture, and still other times I have half a picture.  The main text on that page is partly cut off by the pictures on the right.  I never could get the store to work properly, so I dropped that and still have to have customers call or email to place an order.  I have so much to do to prepare for the crawl, that this website is just going to have to wait for my help.  So, please continue to be patient with me.  We’re still here – we’re just not terribly website building-literate!   So, here’s a peaceful photo of the sunrise I took one day last week when I was walking the dogs.  Maybe looking at it will help me relax about the website issues.  Sunrise


  1. If you are ever interested in selling any pure mini lops, i would be very interested. I seen one at the farm crawl, it was a gorgeous color. My number is 815 867-6658 call or text. :) Thanks.

    • I’m sorry, we don’t have mini lops anymore. If you check with your local 4-H office, they could possibly connect you with a local breeder.