No – I never took German in high school.  I took Spanish.  Below is a link to an article that I got through a website called Farm Dreams.  I found it through my friend, Deborah Boehle.  I forget how, exactly, but I joined the site and have become a member on many of the forums which interest me.  This article was in the Gardening group.

Hugelkultur is a way to build a REALLY raised bed with logs covered with dirt.  The logs hold a lot of water from the spring rains and if it’s 6′ tall, you shouldn’t EVER have to water that bed all summer.  As time goes on and the logs decompose it fertilizes the bed.  There are several videos on this page showing how to build one of these beds and the results.  I’m totally fascinated!  One reason is that we have a bunch of huge trunks of poplar trees that “our” farmer cut down last summer in preparation for a new barn he built, and he let us have the trees for firewood.  The problem is that the logs are too big for our chain saw, so they’re just sitting in our yard killing grass and serving as playground equipment for our children.  I’ll have to show this to Keith and see what he thinks.  The only issue will be finding the dirt, unless we dig some out and partially bury the logs…

Take a look – maybe this is something you can do, too!