Homeschool Co-op Prep

…but what about lunch?

Tomorrow is our homeschool group’s co-op.  We call it Enrichment.  It’s a morning of learning based on a common theme.  This month it’s botany.  Though that’s not the point of this post.

The point is that life here at home is so nuts with all the animals and babies and garden prep, that I kept forgetting that enrichment was coming.  And now – it’s tomorrow.  I did manage to pick up some dirt at the farm store.  One of my meager contributions to the pre-K and Kindergarten class projects.  I already had some seeds that I could spare.  I still need to check the email to the class leader to make sure I remember to bring everything I committed to.  But as I was making dinner tonight (homemade pizza) I remembered that we always stick around after the classes to eat lunch and visit with our friends.  Lunch.  Hmmm.  Nuts.  I was IN TOWN.  I could have bought something for lunch.  I don’t really have anything.  Yes, I have lunch meat and peanut butter and jelly.  But that’s about it.  Not even bread to put that meat and PB & J on.

This is when it’s beneficial to have some basic know-how, and the basic pantry staples on-hand.  I know how to bake bread.  And I have the ingredients!  So, after I put the pizza in the oven, I filled the mixer back up and made dough for 4 loaves of bread.  No point in making only 1.  We’ll probably eat one for breakfast, since almost all the cereal is gone.  One for the sandwiches.  That will leave 2 that I can put in the freezer for another day.

It sat in a bowl to rise while we ate and did evening chores.  Actually, I forgot about it, until I looked towards the stove and saw the bubble of dough above the rim of the bowl.  Punched it down.  Got my pans ready.  Washed and dried the counter.  Rolled it out, put it in the pans and let it rise again.  Now, at 9:10 pm, it’s done.  It won’t be completely cool when I want to go to bed, so I’m trying to decide if I’m going to cover it with a towel, or put some of it in plastic bags.  If I just cover it with a towel, it won’t be quite as fresh as it would have been if it had been cool and I wrapped it in plastic.  But if I put it in plastic while still warm, condensation will form inside the bag and make the crust a little moist.  But, then it will be softer.  I’ll think about that in a little while.  In the meantime I’m trying hard to not cut off the end of one loaf and smear it with butter for a snack.