Garden Pics

I don’t have much to say.  What do you say when your whole life is eating, farm work, and the summer children’s community theater?  One more week….  So back to the farm!  I thought I’d post some pics of the very early development of the straw bale garden.  Radishes, beans, and zucchini are the first sprouters.  I think there are some beets coming up.  It’s very exciting :)  The “kale” garden is doing well.  It’s in quotes because there are also eggplant and onions and a few herbs in there, though they haven’t come up well.  I noticed that there are little green tomatoes alreadyIMG_3008 IMG_3007 IMG_3005 IMG_3004 IMG_3003 and just for fun, I threw in one of the area that is quickly becoming my Monarch butterfly garden :)  Over the years I’ve been allowing milkweed to grow wherever it pops up to help the Monarchs.

IMG_3001 IMG_2999 IMG_2997