First Annual Farm Crawl Wrap-up

Wow!!! What a day!! Saturday, August 18, 2012, was the very first North Central Illinois Farm Crawl.  We had a GREAT time meeting so many people from near and far and showing off our little place!  We had more people than I expected and it was wonderful fun.  Keith did most of the tour-guiding.  I spent most of the day under the shelter selling our bath and body products – sometimes with Bethany, sometimes without.  Now and then I got to wander away towards the animals when Bethany was able to handle the job herself.  The weather was perfect – sunny, not too hot, not too cold, just a little breeze.  We couldn’t have ordered a better day.

The four of us who participated this year definitely plan to do another crawl next year – and we have another participant waiting in the wings.  So, next year there will be 5 farms for you all to visit!  The winner of the drawing has been chosen and her gifts has been delivered.

We still have to all meet together to discuss any improvements that need to be made for the next one.  Suggestions are welcome.  For us, the one thing we want to be different is for our gardens to actually be in good condition, though the weather will need to cooperate a little better.

I’m sorry we don’t have more pictures to share.  We took a few of the tables before people started arriving and after that we were so busy, we didn’t think about it.  Next year I’ll have to have one of our children snapping pictures throughout the day.

We’re glad so many came and we look forward to a great Crawl in 2013!