Farm Crawl – Just one week away!

I was needing to add a new post about the farm crawl.  Then Janet from Eden’s Harvest Farm sent a copy of what she is putting in our local paper to advertise it.  I decided that it was perfect, so I just pasted a copied it below.  (I know – I’m cheating.)  There’s only a week to go and SO much work to do and so many other things keep coming up!  At least we did get a little rain and it should make the weeds easier to pull.  But today there are errands to run and tomorrow is farmer’s market (which I haven’t been to in a month or more.)  But our church’s youth group will be here for a little while tomorrow to help get sticks picked up around the yard, and during the coming week weed patrol will be the main thing on the agenda – plus wrapping the last of the soap, mixing up some lotion and making the herbal salve (as soon as my oils arrive…)  So, anyway – here is that ad!

Brand-new pea chicks you'll be able to see!

Attend a FARM CRAWL on Saturday, August 18! What’s a Farm Crawl? It’s a chance for you to spend a day in the country visiting a variety of small, family farms on a single day. All of the farms are in the vicinity of Dwight, Blackstone, Odell and Cornell. You’ll be able to see a variety of livestock and buy locally grown products directly from the farmers who grow them! Visitors to various farms will be able to see alpacas, peafowl, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, sheep, goats, cows, pigs, rabbits and even Patagonian maras! And of course, there will be friendly barn cats and livestock guardian dogs of various breeds!

Available for sale: Fresh, natural produce, including heirlooms, eggs, honey, alpaca fiber and roving, llama fiber, wool roving and raw wool, yarn, goat milk soap, lambskins, bath and body products, herbal products, clothing made with wool or alpaca, alpaca beans (manure plant fertilizer), potted plants and handmade crafts.

Pick up a “passport” from the first farm you visit, have it “punched” by all four farms, and drop it off at your last farm visit to be entered into a raffle. The winner will receive a gift valued at $50 consisting of products from all four farms. Lunch will also be available for purchase at Eden’s Harvest Farm from Noon to 3p.m. The Starlights 4-H Club will be selling food and drinks as a fund raiser for their club.

Important!! There is no charge for your visit. Please be aware that these are real working farms, and there are risks involved in any visit. By participating in a farm visit you accept those risks and agree not to hold the farms responsible for any injuries that may occur during your visit. The farms are not petting zoos or parks, so children must be supervised at all times. And as excited as the farmers are about meeting you and your family, you are asked to leave pets at home. The farms reserve the right to ask you to leave if the safety of guests or animals are at risk. Visit the farms from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, August 18, 2012.

The participating farms are M2A Farm/Dwight, Eden’s Harvest Farm/Blackstone, Farmer in Odell/Odell and Antiquity Oaks/Cornell. See complete details, pictures and map at