Christmas Tree Recycling

A Treat for the Goats

When we first moved out here to “the farm” we were thrilled that we didn’t have any trouble dealing with the Christmas tree any more, since we could just burn it.  Generally, Keith would drag it out to the garden, light it on fire, and the kids got a real-life demonstration of how quickly a dry tree goes up in flames.  It was fun.

Even though we had goats most of that time, it took us a few years to realize we were actually wasting the tree by burning it.  We’d watched the goats reach up as high as possible and eat the branches off the pine trees in and next to their pens.  We’ve tossed limbs and branches into their pens that we’d cut off other trees.  But, somehow, the idea of giving them the dry Christmas tree after we took it out of the house didn’t occur to us.  So for the past few years, every January they get a special treat.  Some green stuff in the middle of the brown winter.  Well, except for the one year we bought a pre-cut tree that had been spray painted.  That one we burned.  I don’t need my goats eating spray paint.  So here’s a picture of our goats eating this year’s tree.  Happy New Year!