Chocolate’s New Piglets

This evening Keith and I were on our way down the driveway to do chores when I asked him if we had another heat lamp available.  One of them is with Tigerlily and her new kid.  I wasn’t sure if we had a second one.  Chocolate, the Guinea Hog, has gotten a lot larger in the past few days and I felt her piglets could come soon.  He located a heat lamp and we were discussing whether or not she would really be due already.  I said that because the low temps at night are near freezing and she lost 7 of her first 10 piglets on a 32 degree night, I didn’t want to risk it.  By then, he was in the pen and opening the door to go in her building to set it up, and asked if she was really due now.  I said that I wasn’t sure and was trying to remember if we put her and York together in December or January.  Then he said, “Hey – there’s piglets in here.”  I said, “I guess she’s due now.”

They were all dry and running around and we quickly counted 7.  Then we picked them all up to check the sex.  They are ALL girls!  Wow – 9 of 11 goat kids are girls.  And now all of Chocolate’s piglets are girls.  Definitely a girl year!  They are all nursing and look to be healthy.  One has a white nose and white front feet.  All the rest are solid black.  So cool!