August Challenge

Kitchen cabinetFor a long time, now, I’ve realized the need to shop for less food and consume what’s already in my house.  The problem has been the fact that though there is a lot of food in the house, it’s mostly ingredients.  That means that it’s not a quick thing to eat it.  You have to combine those things to create something.  Which means more dirty dishes.  Our household has become much busier this year and we already cook all our meals from scratch.  There are 9 people living here.  That’s a LOT of dishes to wash.  The sink is never empty for more than about 30 minutes now and then.  So we’ve – ok I’VE – become a little more “lazy” and picking up a few more convenience foods and snacks that I’m embarrassed to say we are eating simply to survive this current season of life.

The problem with this (besides the consequences of not eating the best food we can) is that when I shop, there isn’t really anyplace to put it.  The shelves are getting more and more disorganized and we’re constantly asking each other where specific items are.


Part of the problem – I really don’t even know what’s in here!

The solution to this, as I see it, is we simply need to dedicate some time to eat only the food that’s already in the house.  I’ve thought of doing it before, but I’ve decided this month is it.  One reason for choosing August, is that our garden is just about in full-production mode.  No risk of running out of veggies.  Our hens are laying, our goats are giving us milk.  We have some meat in the freezer, as well as beans, rice, noodles, seasonings.  We have fruits and veggies preserved from previous years and it’s almost time to start canning more, so we need to get the old ones off the shelf to make room for the new ones.  This won’t exactly be a sacrifice.  I think.  It’s easy to think this now, when we have lots of leftovers from Noah’s graduation party yesterday.  I know that in a couple of weeks we’re going to have to start being more creative.  There may be grumbling from a few family members.  The goal is to buy only absolute necessities.  Like butter.  I do have a cream separator now, so theoretically I can make butter from our goat cream.  I might actually give it a try.  I’ve made butter before with cow cream, but with goat cream it’s a little trickier.  I tried it once and it didn’t work.  Though I didn’t have the cream separator at the time, so there may have been milk mixed in there….  I’ll keep you posted.



    • Wow! I’m obviously behind on seeing comments! Since all my does are due in March, we should be able to give getting cream a try in May :)