August Challenge – After Week One

IMG_2458 This week wasn’t too bad.  I mean we had a graduation party so lived off the extras from that for 2 days.  And we still had almost everything else we needed.  I did have to buy butter and ground beef and a couple of ingredients for our Trim Healthy Mama foods.  Not too bad :)

But I can see that things are going to start going downhill slowly.  It was already getting a little rough with “fruit” being the answer to the question, “What’s for dessert?”  My 10-year-old’s standard question after lunch or dinner is: “Can I have chocolate chips in a quarter of a cup?”  That’s the amount I started letting them have for some desserts a few months ago after they would just fill their palms or a small bowl with the things.  *sigh*.  He’s going to be very disappointed when pancakes and muffins become plain because he’s eaten all the chocolate chips in the house.  That should be in about a week…

For now, they have potato chips again, left oIMG_2459ver from our son-in-law’s informal birthday party yesterday.