A Bright, Sunny Day!

Whenever we have a nice day, I think of these words from Winnie the Pooh.  Especially in the winter, when the sun is shining, and the wind isn’t blowing, because then the animals’ actions seem to reflect that statement.  IMG_8203

The goats come out of the barn and stand in a row along the south side where it must be warmer because the sun is hitting the white barn wall and reflecting it.  The same thing happens with the garage.  When the chickens are loose in winter, they’ll line up there to warm up when they’re not eating.  Or the cats will pile up there.  Though today, they decided laying on my son’s black jeep is a better option.


Since putting a piglet pen between the driveway and the garden, I’ve noticed that whoever the current resident piglet is likes to lie behind the shelter on the south side.  Again, catching the reflection of the sun.  Being black in color, a detriment in summer, helps make the pigs warm on sunny winter days. IMG_8205